About Us


The Wealth Connect is for men and women who want to achieve true greatness and have a strong desire to be successful … It is for men and women who want to make their mark on the world and change the fortunes of their families for generations to come!

The Wealth Connect will teach you how to succeed in business … and in life. You will learn how to choose the right businesses to build, how to run them and how to automate them for continued success so that you don’t end up working too many hours for too little money.


The Wealth Connect was founded by Annetta Powell who has created a massive business empire. She has

become the very definition of a serial entrepreneur — someone who has become wealthy by creating and cultivating multiple streams of income. Through The Wealth Ashe wants to show others how to launch their own entrepreneurial careers so they can achieve the success of their dreams. She also teaches people:

  • How to build multiple streams of income and excel as a business owner so you can take your life to a whole new level,
  • How to bring freedom, prosperity and abundance into your life,
  • Plus, you’ll learn effective strategies for building a wildly profitable entrepreneurial empire that you can’t find anywhere,


Besides interacting with Annetta you will become part of the vibrant Wealth Connect community which is filled with talented individuals who are driven to achieve personal success but also are encouraging and supportive of others success as well.