Who created the Wealth Connect?
The Wealth Connect was founded by Annetta Powell who has created a massive business empire. She has become the very definition of a serial entrepreneur – someone who has become wealthy by creating and cultivating multiple streams of income. Through The Wealth Connect she wants to show others how to launch their own entrepreneurial careers so they can achieve the success of their dreams.
What will I learn as a member of the Wealth Connect?
Among other things, you will learn: how to master entrepreneurship; how to build a strong brand for your company/self; how to build long lasting wealth through multiple streams of income; and much more. Our goal is to show people how to create true financial freedom … while also improving personally … so they can become great entrepreneurs and people.
Who is the Wealth Connect for?
This network is for anyone who wants to succeed as an entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter if you are “just starting out as a entrepreneur” or a “part-time employee looking to make some extra money” or even a “business owner who works 72 hours a week and is still not making the profits you dreamed of when you started out,” the Wealth Connect is sure to deliver the training you need to build your wealth so you can improve your lifestyle.
What is the Wealth Connect Community?
This is a vibrant gathering (online and at live events) of talented individuals who desire to master entrepreneurship who are driven to achieve personal success but also are encouraging and supportive of others success as well. Fellow community members can inspire and motivate you and also provide you with “been there, done that” real world advice. If you want to be a part of the community, go to coachmeannettapowell.com.
Why is The Wealth Connect network so powerful?
Not only do you learn what types of businesses are generating the most profits today but Annetta also shares the secrets that she has learned in becoming a “serial entrepreneur” who has multiple six-figure+ producing businesses today. This network will shave months off your entrepreneurial learning curve!
What can I expect if I am part of the Wealth Connect network?
Annetta will keep you energized, motivated and 100% up-to-date on all the latest and hottest techniques and strategies for making money as an entrepreneur. She’ll push you forward with emails and online seminars and personal advice. You’ll gain access to the program’s “inner sanctum” where you can interact with Annetta and other entrepreneurs and get advice and more encouragement. Plus, you’ll also be able to interact with other like-minded people!
What does the Wealth Connect network include?
Among other things you get:

  • Full access to Annetta Powell’s coaching program that meets twice a month! The insight and guidance you gain here is designed to break you out of ruts and propel you to higher and higher levels of success.
  • Unlimited access to online training courses. A new video course is posted every month and you can always go back and access previous courses at any time to refresh or enhance your learning. With the Wealth Connect Inner Circle, you are able to train at your own pace. You can proceed as fast or as slow as you want. Simply login using the user name and password you received in a separate email to begin accessing your training.
  • Access to group coaching calls. You actually receive access to two different types of calls – including a monthly call that covers that month’s course topic. You can ask Annetta questions and she will discuss the course lesson in greater detail to provide you with additional insight and tips you can use going forward.
Is there a Wealth Connect Facebook group?
Yes, members gain access to the group where they can interact with other Wealth Connect members. Members regularly receive valuable tips as well as inspiration for the journey ahead. They also get additional coaching to overcome obstacles and fine-tune their action steps. There’s even more – there is also a Joinme group that helps keep all The Wealth Connect members stay connected.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, memberships may be canceled at anytime; however, please be aware that no refunds will be issued for already processed monthly payments.

All requests for cancellation are processed immediately. You will no longer have access to The Wealth Connect network online portal.

Is there anything else I should know about the network?
In addition to being able to access the network’s information packed online courses 24/7, you’ll also be eligible for discounts to The Wealth Connect informative, motivating, adrenaline-charged live events!